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"How to Order" Information

The ordering process helps you finalize your shopping experience with us, and we hope you find it

 easy to complete. Here is a quick explanation of the seven easy steps it takes to purchase online with us!

First, find the product you want to buy!

Add the product to your shopping cart  .  You will see a confirmation of the item ordered.

You can continue shopping for as many items as you want, just add them to your cart.

As you shop, you will notice that you can also or for any product, as well as your item count and total of what is in your cart, located on the right side of the product page. This is helpful for those looking to order $150.00 to receive free shipping!

Second, when you're done shopping click the shopping cart button, always located in our top banner. This will take you to the "Order Summary" page, also know as the "Checkout Page". Here, you can follow the instructions on the page.

"Your current order is displayed below. To remove an item from the order, click Remove. To move an item to your Saved Cart to be purchased at a later time, click Save Cart. To change the quantity of an item, change the number displayed in the Quantity field and then click Update. If you have any Coupons you wish to use, enter them in the Coupon Code field and click Apply."

When you're done making any adjustments to the "Order Summary" page you go to the bottom and click the button. When you click "Checkout", the link will then send you to our "secured server" so you might get a message that you're entering a "secured site".

Third, is our "Customer Sign-In Page". If you've placed an order here before, simply enter your e-mail address and password and click Sign In.                                                                                        


If this is your first time shopping with us, please supply the required information and click Continue,

Fourth, is our "Ship to Information" form. Enter the address that your order will be shipped to or select an address from your Address Book. New addresses will be saved to your Address Book and you'll be able to retrieve and reuse this information the next time you order. When you've finished, click "Continue" to proceed to the next step of the checkout process.                                                                                             

Fifth, is our "Shipment Summary". Your current order will be shown below. Please review the contents of the order. If changes to your order are necessary, click on the "Checkout link" and make any corrections. When you are satisfied with the contents of your order, click "Continue" to proceed to our secure location and begin the checkout process.           

Special Instructions: Here, you can add any special instructions you might have.                     

Sixth, is our "Payment Page". This is the final step of the checkout process. Review the charges shown below and, if you are satisfied, enter your payment information in the form provided. When you are finished, click "Complete Order".

Customer Information: Here you will look over your information and edit, if needed. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that your billing address is the SAME as the mailing address on your credit card statement.

Credit Card Information: Enter your credit card information here. We are now using the Security Code (CVV2 number) on the back of your card, this number will need to be entered. To find your security code turn your card over. The security code is the last three digits that come after the last four digits of your credit card number, shown here the Security code number is "457". American Express cards use a four digit number and they can be found on the front of the card in the bottom right corner.

If all information is correct, all you need to do to complete you order is to click

Seventh, is your "Order Confirmation". Here, you can print out a copy of your order and if you have any questions please refer to "your order ID" when you contact us. You will receive an e-mail confirmation from us and your order will then be delivered.

I hope this explained our order process, we look forward to helping you enjoy your

shopping experience with Small World's Main Street Emporium.

Thanks Again, we appreciate your business!

The Hunt Family

Small World's Main Street Emporium - 123 NW Franklin Ave - Bend, OR 97703

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