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Wee Forest Folk

 Annette , Willy and Donna Petersen are the creators of these enjoyable miniature figurines of mice, bears, moles and possums called  Wee Forest Folk. These fine collectibles make great gift ideas and are all available for "secured on-line ordering".  We have the complete and current color options for you order from. We order current pieces on a weekly basis, so if we do not have the item, or the color on the item you want, in stock "today",  we can usually have it delivered to you within two weeks.

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We  have all of the Wee Forest Folk  pieces cataloged with pictures  for you to see. If we were to put all of the of pieces on one page it would take a long time to load so we  have sorted them into "collection catalogs". You can then view one of these smaller catalogs with details by clicking on the collection you want to see in the "Link Bar" on the left.  If you know what  you're looking for, or want to define a list of available pieces, go to our data-based "advanced search" engine. You can create a page of items that you want to see by any combination of keywords, categories, departments, artist/collection, price range or even just the sale items.

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